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Eid-ul Adha Announcement

Eid-ul Adha announcement will appear here inshaa’Allah. Stay tuned. 


ICGA Weekend Islamic School

ICGA Weekend Islamic School starts 09/03/2017

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Programs coming up

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Friday Night Program (click to join)

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Oct. 27th, 2107

 Friday Night program (click to join)

Daily Prayer Timings

    Thursday August 17, 2017
    Prayer Start Iqama
    Fajr/Dawn 5:49 6:00
    Sunrise 6:59
    Dhuhr/Noon 1:35 2:00
    Asr/Afternoon 5:11 5:30
    Maghrib/Sunset 8:10
    Isha/Night 9:20 9:45
    Jumu’ah/Friday Khutba:1:00

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    Jumah Khateeb Schedule 
    08/11 Sh. Mohammed Al-Durrah
    08/18 Sh. Attia
    08/25 TBA
    09/01 Sh. Attia

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    Other Mosques around ICGA & Part of GAMRC

    (Greater Austin Muslim Relief Committee)

    NUECES masjid, ICBC, ICRR & ICP

    Muslim Students Campus Advisory – CAIR – download


    Masjid Khadijah

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    Austin Peace Academy

    Austin Peace Academy is a nationally accredited, full-time Islamic school …

    Nueces Masjid

    Nueces Mosque is an Islamic center and prayer area located in downtown Austin …

    ICGA Muslim Cemetery

    The Islamic Center of Greater Austin Muslim Cemetery first came into existence in …

    Weekend Islamic School

    Fall session 2017
    (Registration is now open)
    Sept 3rd , 2017  thru December 24th, 2017
    17 week session
    Sundays Only
    10:15 am AM (Arrival) to 1:45 PM (Dismissal after Duhur Prayer)

    5110 Manor Road (APA Classrooms & Facilities)

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      • ICGA Islamic School Starts

        09/03/2017 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
        Islamic Center of Greater Austin, 5110 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78723, USA

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