ICGA Weekend Islamic School (ICGAWIS)

ICGA Weekend Islamic School 2017
(Registration is now CLOSED)
Important Announcements

ICGA WIS General announcements for the Spring/Fall 2017 session 

✓ Electronic registration: All students must register electronically – Click here please (opens soon)  handlf

Fall Session 2017 starts Sunday 09/03/2017. handlf

Fall Session 2017 Ends Sunday 12/24/2017. 

✓  (we do not offer summer classes) instead check DUA (Quran program) – Click here 

The Registration Process

Electronic Registration coming soon. All Must register electronically starting fall 2017 inshaa’Allah.

Please print out the forms below (Must bring both of them), fill them up completely and sign them. Bring the forms with you and the children you wish to register and the payment on Sept 3rd, 2017 (Cash preferably as we wish to pay the teachers as soon as possible). All checks MUST be written to Islamic Center of Greater Austin (full name) . Note it for ICGAWIS

Sundays only
17-week session (17 Sundays)
Sept 3rd, 2017  thru Dec 24th, 2017

10:15 AM (Arrival) to 2:00 PM (Dismissal)

5110 Manor Road
(APA Classrooms & Facilities)

 Our goal for our children during the weekend program is to enrich their Islamic religious beliefs, and strengthen their social life and brotherhood through the following sessions:

  • Learn Quranic surahs, memorization, meanings, and reasons of revelation
  • Learn how to read and write Arabic from the Holy Quran
  • Study the principles of Islam and Iman. (Including, prayers and wudu), and History of Islam
  • Art and Craft activities professionally coordinated
  • Fun games, play grounds slides, swings, basketball
  • Make new friends to enrich the child’s social life

SCHEDULE (might change. check with school please

10:15 am
10:30 am
11:15 am
12:00 noon
12:30 pm
1:30 – 1:45 pm

11:15 am
12:00 noon
12:45 pm
1:15 pm
Salah/Dismissal (time will change as Salaah time changes – Check with the coordinator please)


Quranic Studies (Reading, Explaining Meaning , Tajweed Rules – when a Tajweed teacher is available)
Arabic Language, including (Reading, Meaning, Writing and  Grammar)
Snacks, break and leisure
Islamic Studies and prayers

STUDENT AGE: Boys and girls 6 through 17 years old
CLASS LEVELS: 3 class levels . Level 1a and Level 1b . Level 2 and level 3a and Level 3b (depending on the number of teachers we have)
CLASS SIZE: Less than 10 students per class (If enough teachers are available to help)
FEES: $200 per student { $270 for up to 3 children; $50 per child thereafter }. The Fees is for the 17 Sundays  (from 09/03 till 12/24).  (This is not a monthly payment). Please bring it in cash the first day of class along with the application and the students you wish to register. (The fees are only to pay for our teachers and cover snack and school expenses)
FOOD/SNACKS: Please provide your own snacks

School Photos

FUN Day at ICGA Weekend Islamic School


ICGA weekend Islamic school Eid Activity


ICGA Weekend Islamic School Hajj Simulation


ICGA Weekend Islamic School Hajj Simulation


ICGA Weekend Islamic School Eid prep


ICGA Weekend Islamic School Hajj Simulation