Mosques in Austin


The following is the list of the Masaajid and Programs in the Greater Austin Area: (click on the name)

  1. ICGA (Islamic Center of Greater Austin) – Masjid Khadijah
  2. Nueces Mosque. UT Austin Area.
  3. NAMCC (North Austin Muslim Community Center) – Masjid Aysha – North Austin.
  4. ICRR (Islamic Center of Round Rock) – City of Round Rock.
  5. ICBC (Islamic Center of Brushy Creek) – City of Cedar Park. 
  6. ICP (Islamic Center of Pflugerville) – City of Pflugerville. 
  7. ICLT (Islamic Center of Lake Travis) – City of Austin.


Darul Uloom Austin (DUA) – Quran memorization Program at NAMCC.

ICGA Weekend Islamic School