(Greater Austin Muslim Relief Committee)

The Greater Austin Muslim Relief Committee (GAMRC) provides help and Humanitarian assistance to all of those who approach our Islamic centers regardless of race, ethnicity, belief, association, or country of origin. We provide such help based on human need and if the individual is eligible to receive the assistance. The committee conducts a basic interview to determine financial eligibility for both Muslims and non-Muslims. All are welcome to apply for our Islamic Centers.

ICGA is part of the Greater Austin Muslim Relief committee that includes the zakaah (charity) committees in the following mosques: (read more about us here- Click)

  1. ICGA          2. Nueces Masjid        3. ICRR         4. ICBC     5. ICP      6. ICLT

     Donate at ICGA                                                                       Donate at Nueces Masjid

     Donate at ICRR                                                                        Donate at ICBC

    Donate at ICP

We now have one committee that handles all the cases in the above mosques. One application will suffice.

If you wish to apply for assistance for one of those mosques, please check the following requirements: This applies to both Muslims and non Muslims seeking help from our centers. 

  1. Applications are ONLY accepted from male applicants. Widows, single moms and sisters alone in the US can apply by coming to the mosque. (No exception to this rule). The husband or the oldest male in the house must apply for his family. 
  2. You can only apply to yourself and or your family members. Applications on behalf of others will not be accepted.
  3. You must come to the mosque to apply. You must apply to the Masjid close to you. (in your zip code)
  4. You need to be able to provide information about your income (pay stubs, bank statements etc)
  5. You must fill in the application fully (incomplete applications will not be accepted).
  6. You must provide a copy of your lease (first page), copy of your electrical bill and a copy of your ID. (any form of ID)
  7. You must submit the application by the beginning of the month and wait for an an answer by the 27th of the month.
  8. You will be called for an interview with a Zakaah (charity) committee member.
  9. This help will be a one time help after which you need to secure a Job to be able to pay your bills.


هذه اللجنة تضم في عضويتها

 – مسجد خديجة – مسجد نويسس – مسجد راوند روك – مسجد برشي كريك

 مسجد ليك ترافس –  مسجد فلوجيرفل

لجنة واحدة – طلب واحد – قرار واحد

  • الطلبات تقبل من رب الاسرة من الرجال فقط

  • يسمح للاخوات الارامل , الام الوحيدة المعيلة للعائلة و للاخوات الوحيدات في امريكا الحضور للمسجد للتقديم

  • يمنع التقديم لغير المتقدم او احد افراد عائلته

  • يجب ان تكون من رواد المساجد بانتظام

  • يجب الحضور للمسجد للتقديم

  • نرجو التقديم للمسجد الاقرب لمكان السكن

  • ستزود بتعليمات التقديم و طلب التقديم عند المقابلة