• APA Breaking Ground Ceremony

      APA Breaking Ground Ceremony

      You are cordially invited to APA Breaking Ground Ceremony March 24th, 2018 Inshaa'Allah.
    • ICGA WIS Fall Semester 2018 (registration opens soon)

      ICGA WIS Fall Semester 2018 (registration opens soon)

      ICGA WIS is closed for Spring Break 03/11 and 03/18. We will be back 03/25th, 2018 Inshaa'Allah. Our Fall Semester 2018 to start 08/26/2018. Registration will open soon. ONLY NEW STUDENTS need to register. The rest we will verify your information at the beginning of the semester. (Payment due first …
    • Austin Community Projects

      Austin Community Projects

      Click here for a number of useful projects running around Austin
Sunday March 18, 2018
Prayer Start Iqama
Fajr/Dawn 6:31 6:45
Sunrise 7:37
Dhuhr/Noon 1:39 2:00
Asr/Afternoon 5:05 5:30
Maghrib/Sunset 7:41
Isha/Night 8:47 9:00
Jumu’ah/Friday Khutba:1:00

Click here for monthly prayer timingsICGA Monthly Prayer Timing

Date Khateeb
03/16 Sh. Attia
03/23 Sh. Shakil
03/30 Sh. Attia
04/06 TBA

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Funeral Services
 Contact Imam Nur Ahmad. Phone Number : (512) 961-2443 email: nurahmad@gmail.com. Only the deceased family can contact the coordinator. You must sign the cemetery contract first Learn More → 
ICGA-WIS – Registration CLOSED
Our goal for our children during the Weekend Islamic School (WIS) is to enrich their Islamic beliefs, and strengthen their social life and brotherhood. Learn More →

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