About Masjid Khadijah Imam; Sheikh Attiah

Our Imam
Sheikh Attiah Emarah serves a dual appointment as the Imam of the Islamic Center of Greater Austin (ICGA) and teacher of the Islamic Studies and Arabic programs at the prestigious Austin Peace Academy (APA). Known for his special ability to make Islamic Studies accessible to the youth, Imam Attiah is highly regarded for his culturally-sensitive and age-appropriate style of teaching.

Born and raised in Egypt, Imam Attiah began his Islamic education at a very young age and in one of the most renowned Islamic institutions in the world: the preeminent Al-Azhar University in Cairo. There, he completed his elementary, middle and high school stages followed by a Bachelor in Islamic Studies (English Faculty) with a specialization in Tafseer (Interpretation of the Quran), Usul-al-Fiqh (Principles of Jurisprudence) and Aqeedah (Creed).

Following his education in Egypt, Imam Attiah pursued further studies from distinguished institutions such as the University of Toronto (Canada) and Cambridge University (United Kingdom). There, he obtained certifications and advanced training on teaching foreign languages and Islamic Studies and developing academic curricula that are demographically and socio-culturally adaptive to the needs of local communities. Most recently, Imam Attiah obtained a Masters of Education from Texas State University with dual focus on fostering community literacy and foreign language teaching.

When he is not at ICGA or APA, Imam Attiah can be found on the soccer field (mostly being defeated) or serving meals to the less fortunate of his community in Austin, Texas

Imam Office hours:
–         Monday through Thursday:   11:30 – 1:30 &  maghrib – Isha

Contact info:
Email: Imamattia@gmail.com
Office:  512- 926 – 9221
Cell:  832- 561 -6082