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5110 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78723

    • Daily Salah WhatsApp Group

      Daily Salah WhatsApp Group

      Alhamduillah, the Masjid has daily salaah. If you would like to join the ICGA Whatsapp Group for daily salaah, please email bt@austinmosque.org with your full name and number
    • Program with Mufti Hussain Kamani 11/05/2021

      Program with Mufti Hussain Kamani 11/05/2021

      Mufti Hussain Kamani will join us on 11/05/2021 for a very beneficial program: Content and purposeful. Please register at: austinmosque.eventbrite.com
    • Sunday morning with Sh. Atiyah Emarah

      Sunday morning with Sh. Atiyah Emarah

      Alhamduillah, we had a really good turnout for the first Quran Class! Please join us every Sunday InshAllah with Sh. Atiyah Emarah!
    • Double your Donation- Corporate Matching

      Double your Donation- Corporate Matching

      Assalaamu Alaikum IT brothers and sisters: Kindly consider sending your zakaah, Sadaqah and general donation through corporate matching. The Greater Austin Muslim Relief committee is a humanitarian project under ICGA. ICGA is a registered organization with several company matching programs.
    • ICGA Mission Statement for the needy

      ICGA Mission Statement for the needy

      We strive to be a resource center for the needy, the refugees (families and individuals), and help them face the resettlement and integration challenges in their life by providing: ◾Short-term financial help (for food, shelter, health care, insurance, transportation, etc.)

Friday October 15, 2021
Prayer Start Iqama
Fajr/Dawn 6:27 6:40
Sunrise 7:33
Dhuhr/Noon 1:16 2:00
Asr/Afternoon 4:32 5:30
Maghrib/Sunset 6:59
Isha/Night 8:05 8:30
Jumu’ah/Friday Khutba:

Click here for monthly prayer timingsICGA Monthly Prayer Timing

Date Khateeb

1st Khutbah

1:15 PM

Sh. Atiyah


2nd Khutbah

2:15 PM

Sh. Tahir

ICGA is part of The Greater Austin Muslim Relief Committee (GAMRC) – helping needy Muslims in the Greater Austin Area, Pflugerville, Round Rock and Cedar Park. Learn More 
Funeral Services
 Contact Imam Nur Ahmad. Phone Number : (512) 961-2443 email: nurahmad@gmail.com. Only the deceased family can contact the coordinator. You must sign the cemetery contract first Learn More → 
ICGA-WIS – Registration is CLOSED
Our goal for our children during the Weekend Islamic School (WIS) is to enrich their Islamic beliefs, and strengthen their social life and brotherhood. Learn More →

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