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    • Jumma prayer Registeration

      Jumma prayer Registeration

      Click here for Jummah prayer khateeb names, date and registeration links. Please put your mask on and bring your own prayer mat with you. JAK
    • Greater Austin Muslim Relief Committee

      Greater Austin Muslim Relief Committee

      ICGA is part of the Greater Austin Muslim Relief Committee. The Committee that handles all Zakaah and Sadaqah cases in the Greater Austin Area (Nueces Mosque, ICGA, ICRR, ICBC, ICP and ICLT).
    • PayPal Giving Fund

      PayPal Giving Fund

      ICGA has now a paypal giving fund account. This is a service for non-profit organizations where paypal does not charge any fees. If you are a one time donor please consider paying through this account. Jazaakum Allah Kheir.
    • Zakaat Ul Maal

      Zakaat Ul Maal

      Please consider paying your Zakaat ul Maal at Nueces ICGA ICBC ICRR, ICP & ICLT. JAK
    • Muslim Cemetery

      Muslim Cemetery

      Support The Muslim Cemetery at Dale Texas. More details coming soon about the improvement projects.

Saturday July 04, 2020
Prayer Start Iqama
Fajr/Dawn 5:16 5:45
Sunrise 6:34
Dhuhr/Noon 1:35 2:00
Asr/Afternoon 5:12 5:30
Maghrib/Sunset 8:36
Isha/Night 9:54 10:00
Jumu’ah/Friday Khutba:1:00

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JUMU’AH KHATEEB SCHEDULE (Registeration Required)
Date Khateeb
07/10 Register here
07/17 TBA
07/24 TBA
07/31 TBA

ICGA is part of The Greater Austin Muslim Relief Committee (GAMRC) – helping needy Muslims in the Greater Austin Area, Pflugerville, Round Rock and Cedar Park. Learn More 
Funeral Services
 Contact Imam Nur Ahmad. Phone Number : (512) 961-2443 email: nurahmad@gmail.com. Only the deceased family can contact the coordinator. You must sign the cemetery contract first Learn More → 
ICGA-WIS – Registration is CLOSED
Our goal for our children during the Weekend Islamic School (WIS) is to enrich their Islamic beliefs, and strengthen their social life and brotherhood. Learn More →

Masjid Khadijah

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