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Our Volunteer Committees


Our beautification committee works to ensure the upkeep and enhancement of our different entities. From updating lighting fixtures to designing the interior of the masjid or planting gardens, this group works hard to preserve the love and sanctity of the house of God.


We seek and work to have full sustainability within our foundational model from all platforms: financially, economically, and environmentally.


We strive to increase community engagement within the masjid and bring community needs forward. We work to maintain a brand standard and to represent different sectors of the muslim community.


We seek to provide relevant programming for all our demographics that elevates our community spiritually, mentally, economically and physically. 

Programming Sub-Committees

The women’s programming committee focuses on fostering sisterhood, and elevating women in the community. See Programs
Fostering the love of God among our youth and creating future, caring leaders. See Programs
Creating teens with a strong, positive muslim identity who give back to their community. See Programs
Connecting young muslim professionals in their spiritual growth journey. See Programs

Connecting new Muslims to the local Austin community and strengthening their knowledge. See Programs

Helping the community pursue a proactive approach on our mental and physical health. See Programs
Fostering beautiful relations and friendship with our non-Muslim neighbors. See Programs

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Prior to him joining ICGA, Imam Dawood Yasin served as Director of Student Life and Center for Ethical Living and Learning at Zaytuna College. Imam Dawood served as Muslim Life and Service-Learning Coordinator at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. He previously served as Director of Outreach Affairs at Zayed Center for Islamic Culture in the United Arab Emirates and as an Arabic language teaching assistant at Yale University. He studied Islamic at Abu Nour Institute in Damascus, Syria.

Meet The Board

Mothafer Mahmound

Athar Tayyab

Adel Hussein

Muna Marawi

Ra’ed Al-Omari

Jameel Habhab

Lena Zohny

Nuha Elkhiamy

Kareem Abdi


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