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While our tenants of faith give us purpose, our community fosters our sense of belonging. Community is a vital source of social connection and directly impacts our quality of life. Studies have shown being part of a community strengthens our mental and physical health and it promotes personal growth. As the pandemic has shown us, the need for a connected community is greater than ever before. We need you to be a part of creating and strengthening our community and empowering each other. Please join us and make an impact in this lifetime and in the next. From our programs to marketing efforts and beyond, all our efforts are run by community volunteers for the benefit of our Austin community. 

Creating Community

Empowering Each Other

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Interested in getting involved? Looking for volunteering opportunities with your local masjid? Great!
ICGA is looking for dedicated volunteers with a range of skill sets to support ICGA’s activities. Fill out the form to indicate your interests and availability.

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Additional Donation Options

Company matching

ICGA is a registered organization with several company matching programs. Following a list of companies that match donations to ICGA. Please consult your HR Department for additional details.

Benevity users: Google, Apple, Visa, Intel, Microsoft, Dell etc.

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At ICGA, we are committed to protecting our donors’ data. We do not share, sell, or trade our donors’ information with any other organization, and we do not contact our donors on behalf of other organizations. This policy applies to all information received by ICGA, both online and offline, on any Platform (“Platform”, includes the ICGA website and mobile applications), as well as any electronic, written, or oral communications. To the extent any donations are processed through a third-party service provider, our donors’ information will only be used for purposes necessary to process the donation. If you have any questions about Qalam’s donor privacy policy, please contact us.

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