Austin, the capital of the State of Texas, is the second high-tech city in the United States. Recently, it was rated the best city in the United States to live in, because of its fast growing economy and clean environment. It is also the home of University of Texas. In this fast growing city, alhamdulillah the Muslim population has doubled in the past years with a current estimate of over ten thousand.

The Islamic Center of Greater Austin (ICGA) was established in March 1977 as a non-profit religious organization registered with the State of Texas and is affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), which is a subsidiary of ISNA, as its trustee. ICGA property is WAQF under NAIT. ICGA is governed by a constitution and its by-laws. The structure of ICGA consists of an administrative body called Board of Trustees (BT). All members of these boards are elected per the constitution.

Organization History
ICGA has been in operation since March 1977. The mosque started in a 2000 sqft building without any parking space. It was expanded in 1982 with the purchase of an adjacent building that was remodeled into a prayer hall. From 1982 till 1999, the Muslim community was barely able to manage its activities in those two buildings. Alhamdulillah, by the mercy of Allah SWT and the generous support of the local and outside communities, in November 1999, ICGA completed a two story building which houses a mosque to accommodate around 1000 brothers and sisters and a full time Islamic school on the second floor.

ICGA Activities
During this course of time (1997-2004), ICGA established daily prayers, a weekend Islamic school, a full time licensed Islamic school (in 1997), a dawah center for Muslims and non Muslims and prison inmates, audio and video library with countless Arabic and English literature, social activities including Eid prayers, picnics, halaqas by the Sheik, weekly quranic school, seminars, workshops and symposiums, Islamic Counseling Center for battered families, marriage contracts, and ghusul facility and burial services. Also, ICGA maintains a 25-acre Muslim cemetery.

Full-time Islamic School
Austin Peace Academy has classes from Pre-K through seventh grade, for ages 3 years and up, with a current enrollment of over 160 students. The school employs 18 full time teachers, including Islamic studies and Arabic, a principal, and two secretaries. The school is licensed by the Texas Protective and Regulatory Services (PRS) and offers curriculum that meets guidelines of Texas Education Agency.