Imam’s Weekly Class

Saturday ( 11:00 am – 1:00 pm): Quran Class

Tuesday  (after Isha): Sirah Reflections

Friday  (after Isha ):  Weekly lecture on various topics 

 About our Imam

Weekend Islamic School
Spring  2017 
Sundays ONLY – 
10:15 (Arrival) to 1:30 PM (Dismissal)

5110 Manor Road Mosque
(APA Classrooms & Facilities)

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Introduction to the Principles of Islam

The class discusses the 5 pillars of faith, the 6 articles of belief, the biography of the Prophet (pbuh), the Quran, as well as many other topics pertaining to Islam. The class is open to non-Muslims, high school students, senior citizens, and people of all races. The class has limited seating and includes a lunch so please register to reserve your seat.

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Youth Program (closed)

Learning into the lives of those who were part of the greatest generations of Islam is essential to understanding our deen (religion). This generation is unique because of their clear belief in understanding of Islam and their love to this religion as a whole. What made this generation unique? Can we be like them?  Join us in this extensive lecture that will lay the foundation for the beginning of your transformation. The course is targeted for young boys 13+. Starts September 1, 2013.

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Adult Arabic as a Second Language (CLOSED)

Learn the basics of:
* Reading    * Writing    * Listening   * Speaking

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