Families in Need



These are the ones whose income doesn't cover his needs, yet he abstains from asking others. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) defined the Miskeen in some narrations as: "The Miskeen is not the one who goes around among the people (begging) maybe receiving a morsel or two, and a date or two. Rather, the Miskeen is the one who does not have enough wealth to suffice him, however, he does not let others know about it in order to be given charity and he does not stand and beg people." [Al-Bukhaari]. This includes disabled families, those in need who do not ask, such as refugees, single mothers and elders.

What your contribution does:

These funds help support the living needs for these individuals, such as shelter, food, medical assistance, utilities and transportation bills.

Make a Difference:

Financial Assistance

GAMRC, the zakat arm of ICGA and other local masaajid, provides financial support to local families and individuals who qualify for zakat. If you have fallen on difficult times, your community is here to help. Read More

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